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Complete and Comprehensive Stormwater Plan design.  If you have a construction site that is over 1 acre, it must have a SWPPP plan per ADEQ and the EPA.  We will develop and design a plan that will enable you to stay in compliance, utilizing the most up to date and cost effective best management practices (BMP)

SWPPP Narrative Manuals


Retail BMP Sales

Complete SWPPP Narratives that encompass the 2012 EPA templates and the 2013 general construction permit as required by the federal and state agencies.

Desert Services has a very well trained Stormwater Managment team that will manage your installation professionally and according to the ADEQ, AZDOT and MCFCD agencies keeping you in compliance.  

We offer an extensive range of materials for sale to install yourself.  

  • All types of inlet protection,
  • wattles
  • compost filter sock
  • silt fence 
  • reinforcement wire
  • steel and wood posts
  • gabions
  • underlayment fabrics.  
  • If you need it we have it in our offerings.  Check our our retail site and place your orders directly or give us a call.  We will even deliver.

Stormwater Plan Design

Desert Services has worked with public and private sector clients to prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP),   Our  designers, collaborate with you to address stormwater issues during both construction and operations of the project.   Desert Services has considerable experience evaluating and implementing Low Impact Development (LID) measures and stormwater BMPs. In fact, we have developed and implemented several innovative stormwater solutions in accordance with stringent NPDES permit requirements. We have extensive experience working with Federal, State, Municipalities, County and City stormwater management organizations.

​​BMP Install & Maintaince

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